NFC Enabled Hardware Wallet in Credit-Card Form
Unrivalled convenience and design
Make a statement for your digital asset project by giving your users a credit-card form hardware wallet pre-loaded with your tokens and bearing your unique design.

Access balances and make transactions using your mobile phone or desktop while keeping your private key secure and always offline.
Unmatched security
Our hardware is EAL5+ certified and has passed rigorous certification before being shipped. The private keys are never exposed to the internet and all cryptographic operations occur directly on the card.
Build your own wallet
We provide the base code and binaries for Android/iOS (NFC-based) wallets and desktop (JavaFX) based wallets. Customization is up to you: add your own logo, restrict to specific digital assets, or completely change the look and feel!
One key to rule them all
The cards generates and seals a secp256k1 key which is used to define wallets by almost all blockchains. Only the software interface is used to define which digital assets you want to enable in your wallet.
We are here to help
Whenever you need help getting started or you're unsure how to make your project happen we will guide you every step of the way!
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