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We are proud to have an expertise in Java Card applet development, HSMs and building multi-component systems which can scale from a single sever to thousands of instances.
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Ammer Card is a multi-asset hardware wallet with an accessible shape of a bank card with NFC capability. It comes with an easy to use companion app called Ammer Wallet that allows you to manage your assets
Ammer Card
Ammer Wallet
Secure mobile wallet for your crypto and NFTs. Works with Ammer Card and enables NFC payments in the Ammer Pay network.
Ammer Vault
The enterprise wallet solution to comply with your organization’s use and access policies when storing and operating with digital assets.
Ammer Sign
The multi-party smart-card based approval tool which enables seamless use of the SKA feature on the Securosys HSM.
Software point-of-sales terminal to accept payments in various crypto assets
Ammer Pay
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