Building the Infrastructure
for the Future of Finance
Ammer Technologies builds breakthrough products and solutions for the financial services of tomorrow.
We develop ideas that matter.
We invent the future.

Ammer Technologies AG has been founded as a tribute to our passion for innovation.

The fintech industry has been changing rapidly. Digital assets and digital payment solutions are gaining momentum. Ammer Technologies closely follows trends in technological innovation and creates cutting-edge IT solutions responding to the most prominent and daring industry challenges.

We link hands-on experience in digital technologies with in-depth knowledge of capital markets and the management of digital assets. Ammer Technologies brings together its expertise in the subject field, and its intersectoral digital experience in the ever-complex world of finance to be able to supply solutions that satisfy an array of customer needs in the market.

Our team
Professionals, Engineers, DevOps, UX/UI and Analysts
Nationalities and different languages
PhD's in Physics, Applied Mathematics and Information Security
Patent pending and more under development
Products We Build
Custody Platform
Integrate Digital Assets into your business
Mobile Approver Terminals
Approve the transactions on the go
Hardware Wallets
Unrivaled convenience and design
PoS Solutions
Accept Digital Assets globally
How Else Can We Help
DLT Innovation Lab
Jump-start your blockchain oriented app by leveraging our expertise and know-how
White-Label Products
Explore our white-label offers including our digital assets custody platform, approval terminals, hardware wallet and blockchain explorers.
Consulting & Integration
Let us accompany you in your next project either by providing you key know-how or develop your product based on your specifications.
Hardware Solutions
Our company is not just software - we also have a division dedicated to hardware technologies such as Java Card, Card OS, Intel SGX and embedded systems.
Network & Infrastructure
Whenever you need virtual or physical networks, our team can help you build the right topology and choose the right tech stack for your business need.
Security & Cryptography
Our experts will help you choose the right approach to your security whenever you need to build a PKI infrastructure, properly secure e-mail or secure your data in the cloud.
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